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Hong Kong 46th International Film Festival

HKIFF46 Reaps Benefits from Cutting-Edge Technology

(27 July 2022 - Hong Kong) The Hong Kong International Film Festival, for 46 years a bastion of traditional artistic values, has moved into the 21st century with the help of the latest cutting-edge technology.

By partnering with local tech specialists, Hillier Pharma Company Limited (HPCL) and Shaw Studios, HKIFF has produced videos promoting the upcoming 46th Hong Kong International Film Festival shot on a purpose-built Extended Reality (xR) stage featuring festival ambassador and Asia superstar Aaron Kwok.

HPCL's Chief Operations Officer, Mr Jason Chan, explains that an xR stage can manifest virtual sets in real-time with its LED walls, as opposed to the conventional green screens, thus allowing talents to react and adapt their performances to the surroundings.

"With our camera-tracking technology, we can extend the virtual space infinitely," Mr Chan said.  "We can also instantaneously change everything from sceneries, weathers, and seasons to lighting, ultimately saving costs and valuable production time.  It represents a much safer and more manageable option for everyone, especially during the pandemic."

HPCL has recently launched its House of X Studio at Shaw Studios, and both HPCL and Shaw Studios believe their state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team are well-positioned to serve the industry at large.

HPCL is honored to be part of the Hong Kong 46th International Film Festival Press Conference production team. We provided our finest video, audio, and lighting settings in completing the client's requirements. Our motivated crew prepared efficiently for the partnership and we are absolutely thrilled to offer HKIFF their satisfactory result.

The 46th edition of the Hong Kong International Film Festival, one of the highlights on Hong Kong's cultural calendar, will take place from 15 to 31 August 2022 for 17 consecutive days. 


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