Hiller Pharma Co., Ltd.

HKIFF46 Reaps Benefits from Cutting-Edge Technology

(27 July 2022 - Hong Kong) The Hong Kong International Film Festival, for 46 years a bastion of traditional artistic values, has moved into the 21st century with the help of the latest cutting-edge technology.

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Relentless inter-department staff exchange helps develop xR technology

(Hong Kong - April 2022) Hiller Pharma (HPCL) crew maintains in exploring and examining various aspects of our Extended Reality (xR) technology. Our rental services and extended reality system collaborations with various clients have become vastly popular during the pandemic.

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Relentless inter-department staff exchange explores xR potential

(Hong Kong - March 2022) Hiller Pharma (HPCL) analyzes the inquiries and trends on Extended Reality (xR); focusing on additional clients’ demands. We are determined to sufficiently communicate and comprehend all our units' visions and ideas, investing in our employee's technical advancement. Our team assembled a forum called "RISE"; competent in accessing the current technology available while inviting professionals from various locals to hold discussions, and research with testing.

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